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Chief Performance Dynamics Inc. | New Lenox, IL

Meet Barbara Lyons

Barb BW

VP-Operations/Marketing/Online Learning/Customer Experience

We are all so much more than the list of duties our titles bring to mind. My roles as wife, mother, grandmother, office manager, marketing director, financial officer, customer service provider, team psychologist, and accountability partner just won't fit into a job title very easily. I care deeply about the impact we are able to have on the clients that work with us. Would it help if I shared a little about why we invested in becoming part of the Sandler Training family?

At Sandler, our mission is to become your trusted advisor. We help you to discover the direct connection between your thoughts and your success. You'll learn that sales and management strategies and techniques play a secondary role to your attitudes and beliefs, fears and doubts, mindset, and self-image. If you are deciding whether or not Sandler Training is a good fit for you, read our free report "5 Secrets for Personal and Professional Growth." You may be an ideal candidate for working with us if your beliefs align with ours.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with our three grandchilden, golfing with my friends in a ladies league, and attending the latest musical theater shows as a subscriber to Broadway in Chicago. 

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“Sandler training is working and I barely have a moment to spare. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my sales life. I have control, I have confidence, and I have a measurable system. I’ve set more appointments with less calls than ever before. I’ve lost almost all my cold call anxiety. Being able to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and not be afraid or feel like I have to ask permission to do my job - that alone is worth its weight in gold.
Sandler is the best buying decision I have ever made.”

Alexis L. Evans, Business Development Executive
Manifest Solutions

Craig Lyons is a sales and management speaker for training events in the South Suburban Chicago area market.