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Craig Lyons | Chief Performance Dynamics Inc.

Business leaders trust and rely on us to deliver best practices used by organizations viewed as leaders in the top 5% in their industries. If you want to become an  organization of excellence, you need proven systems and processes in business development, goal-setting, hiring, employee assessment, customer experience,  management and leadership development. We believe that you can change only those things you have control over - your own behaviors, attitudes and skills. That's why we understand that implementing new attitudes, behaviors, and techniques is not a "quick fix" solution.  Knowing that real change occurs incrementally, we utilize ongoing reinforcement training to produce lasting, measurable improvement. So call us to arrange a conversation to find out how we might be able to work together. 


Great training....people who really care about the success of your company. Recommend Craig as he is very professional and sincere.

Dave A. Ward Sr. Owner/Safety By Design Consulting Services

21st Century Prospecting | Online course

A video course based on the best-selling book "Prospect the Sandler Way"

Looking for online sales training? This course details the core principles for mastering stress-free lead development by phone and over the Internet, in accordance with the selling system developed by David H. Sandler. It includes up-to-date strategies on 21st-century topics like conducting effective online, pre-call research, and using LinkedIn to generate referrals.

What Will I Learn?

In the 21st Century Prospecting Online Course you will learn how to:

  • Define Prospecting Success
  • Make a Prospecting Call
  • Create Your Prospecting Plan
  • Improve Your Belief System
  • Engage Gatekeepers
  • Ask for Referrals
  • Master Virtual Prospecting
  • And much more!

What will I Get?

21st Century Prospecting online course includes:

  • 8 Video Self-Study Lessons from Mark McGraw and John Rosso, author of the best-selling book, Prospect the Sandler Way
  • Downloadable Tools/Worksheets and Bonus Sales Resources from Sandler Training
  • LinkedIn the Sandler Way eBook
  • Prospect the Sandler Way Webcast
  • Exclusive access to a private sales community forum

Plus this BONUS course - Understanding Yourself & Others - DISC

Our personal and professional success is largely determined by how well we interact with other people. You have probably noticed it is very easy to get along with certain people. But with most people, communication takes more effort. It is sometimes hard to understand where the other person is coming from, what they want, and what their intentions are.

In Understanding Yourself & Others - DISC video course, you will learn how to:

  • Understand how people communicate and operate differently.
  • Develop confident self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify the preferred communication styles of others.
  • Modify your behavior based on the other person’s style to communicate more effectively.

The content in these courses have helped over 1 Million salespeople change their lives and businesses, doing billions of dollars in sales around the world. This package would normally retail at $1,497.  However, in this special offer, you will get access to both courses for only $375!


The Sandler Rules Revisited on YouTube!

A fresh take on the 49 timeless selling principles and how to apply them.

Watch the 49 Sandler Rules on YouTube!

David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, delivers real-world tactics for successful prospecting, qualifying, deal-making, closing, and referral generation. Based on the Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling book.  

Break the Rules, Close More Sales

Are your Salespeople caught in a rut of chasing prospects, long selling cycles, costly price concessions, eroding margins and unmet sales forecasts? If you said yes, then this workshop is for you!

Have you ever heard these excuses? Do you have an effective way of overcoming them?

  • I'm too busy to prospect.
  • It always comes down to price.
  • Prospects don't listen.
  • I can't find anyone to talk to.
  • No one ever has a budget for our product/service.

This workshop may be valuable for you and your team if you are someone who is:

  • Tired of chasing prospects who can't or won't make decisions.
  • Frustrated by writing too many proposals and quotes and not winning the business.
  • Tired of prospects telling you at the end that they "just want to think it over."
  • Concerned that all your efforts to win a new client may just be "unpaid consulting."
  • Suspect that prospects are using you to get a better deal from their existing supplier.

This workshop is specifically geared for business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and sales managers whose people are doing well but they know they can be better. 

Call us to register for the next Executive Briefing  (815) 735-6914.

Wondering if Sandler Training is a good fit for you or your team?


That's where we come in. Don't you owe it to yourself to experience the non-traditional sales training and reinforcement coaching that's been recognized internationally? We invite you to attend one of our classes and experience our sales training programs. You'll decide if we're a good fit. 

It's easy to obtain an invitation. With the current restrictions, all of our classes are being held virtually. Your only investment is two hours of your time. We promise you'll walk away with some valuable tips to implement immediately. There's no obligation and we won't try to sell you anything. Call today to reserve your seat at one of our upcoming classes.  (815)735-6914

In 30 Seconds, what is Organizational Excellence?

Listen as Dave Hiatt, Director, Organizational Excellence, gives an overview of the program. 

Is Your Organization At-Risk?

  • Could your business survive without you or a key leader for a month or more?
  • Is continuous improvement a way of life at your company?
  • Do you have consistent, repeatable processes and systems?
  • Do you have alignment of personal and professional goals?
  • Does your business have a culture of accountability for all staff?
  • Do you know what, exactly, stands in the way between your business and organizational excellence?


Start Your Journey

This new program is designed for each leader to work on areas deemed important to an individual business. The program is broken up into 6 P's that represent a leadership challenge:  Planning, Positions, People, Processes, Performetrics, and Passion. 

The purpose of the program is to help you move your company closer to excellence - by having a vision for where you want to be, a plan to get there, the right positions clearly laid out on the organizational chart, the right people in those positions following the right processes and systems, and posting measurable results that are analyzed regularly to gauge progress toward key goals using the right KPI's. Your passion is what will sustain and perpetuate your company's journey along the road to Organizational Excellence. 

Find out if this might be a good fit for you and your organization. Call Craig Lyons (815) 735-6914.

Craig feels its important to connect and align with like-minded business leaders that share the same passion for helping people reach their goals and is looking for companies that want to grow their business. I am confident Craig will bring value to your everyday business challenges and go the extra mile to help you succeed.

James DiMambro, Jimmy Vision, LLC

Sandler's E-Learning Library

In this special offer, you'll have unlimited access to Sandler's digital Education Learning Library for one full year. With hundreds of audio, video, and downloadable resources, get to know Sandler's best tips and success principles.


Sandler Foundations is where everyone officially starts. The Foundations program is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System concepts, along with action steps you can implement from the first day to immediately start to improve performance.

SESSIONS on Wednesdays, 1:00pm - 3:00pm weekly


Sandler 2-Day Sales Boot Camp

Have you been waiting to enroll in Sandler's introductory Foundations course because of the 10-Week training schedule?  Are you looking for an opportunity to jump-start your journey to Sales Success in 2020? Are you new to Sandler and want an intensive overview of the Sandler Selling System?

Attend  Sandler's 2-Day Sales Boot Camp where you receive intensive training that gives a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System and the tools you need to immediately improve your performance! Contact us for more information.

Sandler Bookstore

The “Blind-Spots Syndrome” undermines or destroys too many businesses. Mattson offers six powerful leadership strategies that help you identify and correct the most dangerous leadership oversights … and take your company into the top tier.

Dealing With Difficult People & Situations

Most of us will have to deal with angry, upset, or difficult people at some point in your career. Managers have difficult conversations with employees, sales people have difficult negotiations, and frontline positions deal with difficult customers and demands regularly. This new online self-study course looks at techniques to fix both the problem and the upset customer while maintaining your confidence and self-esteem.  Enroll yourself today!

No-Pressure Prospecting

Learn a stress-free strategy for new business development from Sandler trainer Sean Coyle, as he walks you through a sales prospecting process that takes the pressure off you and your prospect. Enroll yourself today! You'll receive five video coaching lessons designed to help you have better sales conversations.

Building a Bulletproof Business

Based on the new book, The Road to Excellence, by David Mattson.  This video course examines 13 dangerous leadership oversights, or Blindspots, that may be standing between your company and organizational excellence. If you want a better organization, become a better leader. Enroll today! You will gain immediate access to 13 Video Lessons each covering one of the top thirteen blindspots to help you move your company into the top tier. 

The Sandler Blog

Insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to
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Explore some of today's top-performing programs to see if we're a fit for you.

2020 Goal Setting Workshop

Did you achieve your goals in 2019? What will you do differently to succeed in 2020? As you reflect on this year, are you...

  • Frustrated that you didn't hit your goals?
  • Worried that your relationships are not where you would like them to be?
  • Tired of setting New Year's resolutions that don't last much past January?

Registration has closed. Contact Us if you are interested in a Goal Setting Success workshop.