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Where are your Blind Spots?

Take the Blind Spots Survey

Before you begin the journey to excellence, it makes sense to figure out where you are right now. The Personal Blind Spots Survey helps you identify the areas you overlook that add stress to your day. Business leaders are often so focused on the here-and-now that they don't  see problems that may inhibit their organization's growth. Click below to request your Personal Blind Spots Survey. 

Executive Briefing

The Roadmap to Organizational Excellence

Start Your Journey! Get your business on the Road to Excellence. If your business isn't where you want it to be, now is the time to take action. You'll learn:

  • What is Organizational Excellence?
  • Business Classifications
  • The "Hats" of Leadership
  • The Six P's Model
  • Your Personal Blind Spots
  • Business Assessment

Get a clear sense of where your business is right you can get an equally clear sense of where you and your organization need to go next!



Get A Grip On Your Business

Losing Sleep?

Leadership for Organizational Excellence is designed for leaders who have decision-making authority in setting the company's strategic direction, with the aim of enhancing growth and profitability.  The program is ideal for family-owned companies worried about who will take over the business when they retire. This Leadership program begins with a comprehensive assessment that allows leaders to honestly assess themselves and their business. What are your personal Blind Spots and what obstacles stand in your way to becoming an organization of excellence? Attend one of the upcoming Executive Briefings to find out more about this new program.


August 21, 2019

The Fast Track to Sales Success

Growing sales can be a challenging undertaking, especially in today's global market with highly self-educated prospects. Whether you manage a sales team or close business yourself, there are hundreds of potential pitfalls that can cause you to stumble. This workshop is the first class in our introductory Foundations course. You'll learn why you need a sales system. At the end of class, I'll ask you to make a decision. One of two things will happen... You'll discover some new strategies, and begin to implement them immediately, but decide to decline our invitation to take the next step. And that is okay with me. We're not for everybody. Or you'll discover that Sandler sales training is just what you've been searching for and you'll decide to accept our invitation to continue the weekly sessions. We'll get you and your team enrolled in Foundations and you'll take the first step to overhauling your selling system and discovering what many successful professionals have already discovered! Does that sound good? Then sign-up to attend this introductory session as my guest to experience Sandler training. 

NEW SESSIONS Starting Wednesdays!


Sandler Foundations is where everyone officially starts. The Foundations program is a 10-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System concepts, along with action steps you can implement from the first day to immediately start to improve performance.

NEW SESSIONS starting on Wednesdays, June 26 - August 28

June 26

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

August 7, 14, 21, 28


12- Month Unlimited Access

Sandler's E-Learning Library

In this special offer, you'll have unlimited access to Sandler's digital Education Learning Library for one full year. With hundreds of audio, video, and downloadable resources, get to know Sandler's best tips and success principles.

Sandler Bookstore

The “Blind-Spots Syndrome” undermines or destroys too many businesses. Mattson offers six powerful leadership strategies that help you identify and correct the most dangerous leadership oversights … and take your company into the top tier.

New! Self-study online course $97

Dealing With Difficult People & Situations

Most of us will have to deal with angry, upset, or difficult people at some point in your career. Managers have difficult conversations with employees, sales people have difficult negotiations, and frontline positions deal with difficult customers and demands regularly. This new online self-study course looks at techniques to fix both the problem and the upset customer while maintaining your confidence and self-esteem.  Enroll yourself today!

Self-Study Online Course Only $47

No-Pressure Prospecting

Learn a stress-free strategy for new business development from Sandler trainer Sean Coyle, as he walks you through a sales prospecting process that takes the pressure off you and your prospect. Enroll yourself today! You'll receive five video coaching lessons designed to help you have better sales conversations.

Special Online Course $47

Building a Bulletproof Business

Based on the new book, The Road to Excellence, by David Mattson.  This video course examines 13 dangerous leadership oversights, or Blindspots, that may be standing between your company and organizational excellence. If you want a better organization, become a better leader. Enroll today! You will gain immediate access to 13 Video Lessons each covering one of the top thirteen blindspots to help you move your company into the top tier.