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Our mission is your success, so our approach is one that leads to long-term performance improvement rather than short-term quick fixes.

2024 Goal Setting Workshop

As you reflect on this year, are you...

  • Frustrated that you didn't hit your goals?
  • Worried that you're sleep-walking through life with no real goals?
  • Concerned that you know what you want, but have no idea how to get there?
  • Tired of setting New Year's resolutions that don't last much past January?


This Workshop takes place over three sessions. Here are the dates:

#1  December 7, 2023

#2  December 14, 2023

#3  January 5, 2024


Contact Us if you are interested in a Goal Setting Success workshop.

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How Sandler is Revolutionizing Sales Training

Why Traditional Training is Out and Collaborative Learning Is In In

Collaborative Learning aligns perfectly with modern adult learners who bring valuable expertise and customer experiences to the sessions, and the Sandler coach brings it all together. 

Sandler's Secret Sauce for Empowering Sales Teams

Sandler's approach is about igniting curiosity. Instead of a monologue on sales techniques, you're solving problems and applying new ideas in real-world scenarios.  Like the difference between reading a cooking recipe and getting messy in the kitchen.

The rise of collaborative learning has brought the next evolution of the Sandler Selling System, and we're excited to introduce a more dynamic and interactive learning environment we call the SALES DEVELOPMENT SERIES.

Watch "How to Succeed at Collaborative Learning" with our Head of Product, Lisa Ellis

Sandler 2023 Virtual Summit


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Watch the Replay

Stay Inspired! Catch the Replay here.

How To Succeed Podcast

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How to Succeed Podcast

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Why Technique is Not Enough

3D, How to Sell to the Modern Buyer

52 Sandler Rules for Sales Success

How to Sell to the Modern Buyer breaks down the basics of effective professional selling in the multiple-platform, remote-buying, hybrid-meeting era. The book, which updates the bestseller The Sandler Rules, features a revised and updated list of Sandler’s famous principles for the modern buyer's journey.

Sandler's Ultimate Guide

Wondering if Sandler Training is a good fit for you or your team?

Access Sandler's Ultimate Guide!

Don't you owe it to yourself to experience the non-traditional sales training and reinforcement coaching that's been recognized internationally? We invite you to experience Sandler before you engage with us. Imagine having the best of Sandler curated content to help you master the craft of selling. You'll get access to hundreds of podcasts, dozens of white papers and reports, webinar recordings, sample courses, and popular ebooks. You'll decide if we're a good fit. 


Ultimate Guide

The Sandler Blog

Insight and tips on current sales, sales management, leadership and management topics. We invite you to
comment on our posts and to pass them on to your colleagues.

I am delighted to recommend Craig from Sandler as an exceptional teacher, mentor, and friend. His unmatched patience and insight have transformed me into a better salesperson and a better person.

Craig's teaching is marked by clarity and enthusiasm, making complex concepts easily digestible. His mentorship is invaluable, extending beyond sales, imparting life lessons, and fostering personal growth. His patience and insights are remarkable, and his amicable nature creates a collaborative work environment.

I wholeheartedly endorse Craig, who has profoundly influenced my professional and personal development. I am a better person because of him. 

Jim Dyskie

If you're looking for a sales leadership facilitator in your area, I would recommend Craig Lyons with Chief Performance Dynamics. I know Craig as someone who has your best interest in mind in helping you become successful. Craig has a passion for helping professionals who are ready to take that next step in their business development and management career. Craig's experience coupled with Sandler enablement tools makes him top rate and a valuable asset to have as a trainer/coach/partner/trusted advisor.

Julie Fay

CRAIG WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It's that simple. I am living proof because he has changed my life. In your workplace everyone can use a new perspective or a different sales strategy or even fundamental training to help you grow within your company and grow as a person...Craig offers that beautifully. After completing the Sandler Training Foundations program... I can honestly say that it is different than ANY other sales course, sales teacher or sales teaching out there. He has made me a different kind of sales person and a different person. His wisdom and strategic advice was always spot on and is really so deep that it changed my way of thinking in my job and outside of it as well. He finds a way to change your way of thinking and speak directly to your mind and your heart at the same time. The passion that he has for learning, growth, and transformation is contagious and will inspire you to succeed at whatever endeavor you choose. I am forever in debt to his teachings. He is truly a living inspiration and will be a valuable asset to whoever he comes in contact with!

Denton Smith, CTO Enterprises

Great training....people who really care about the success of your company. Recommend Craig as he is very professional and sincere.

Dave A. Ward Sr, Owner/Safety By Design Consulting Services

Craig feels it's important to connect and align with like-minded business leaders that share the same passion for helping people reach their goals and is looking for companies that want to grow their business. I am confident Craig will bring value to your everyday business challenges and go the extra mile to help you succeed.

James DiMambro, Jimmy Vision, LLC

I highly recommend Craig if you feel that you may be missing something in your professional sales career. Craig is dedicated toward moving sales professionals into the next level. His passion and excitement that he brings to teaching is first class. The investment that I made in my business with Craig was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Tim Sedivy

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The Sandler library of books includes two Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-sellers, as well as the best-selling sales classic for any sales book ever.

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Sandler Foundations is where everyone officially starts. The Foundations program is a 9-lesson introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System concepts, along with action steps you can implement from the first day to immediately start to improve performance.

SESSIONS on Wednesdays, 1:30pm - 3:00pm weekly


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