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Chief Performance Dynamics Inc. | New Lenox, IL

Crash a Class

Experience the power of Sandler Training and Crash a Class

Join in for a complimentary training session from the comfort of your home or office via Zoom.

Achieve Your Goals

How do your measure Success?

  • Attitude

    How much of the time do you have the right attitude about yourself, your company, and your marketplace?

  • Behavior

    How much of the time do you do the right thing at the right time and place?

  • Technique

    How well do you use the right strategies, tactics, and tools for performing your job? Do you have the right tools and techniques?

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About Sandler Training

Has there ever been a more critical time to have a rigorous yet flexible sales strategy? Sandler Research reveals that 71% have changed their sales process as a result of transitioning to remote selling. The top five new or enhanced skills needed most at this time are Accountability, Listening Skills, Virtual Technologies, Relationship Development, and Coaching. We view the role of Sales Manager as pivotal to the success of any organization, yet most have never been taught how to coach their team members, not to mention how to lead remotely.  Let's get a conversation can we help each other?